Welcome to Idaho National Laboratory.

You are joining a team performing vital work for our nation and the world. Our mission at INL is to discover, demonstrate, and secure innovative nuclear energy so​​​lutions, other clean energy options, and critical infrastructure. Our vision is to change the world's energy future and secure our critical infrastructure. We accomplish our goals by embracing INL's values, which are excellence, inclusivity, integrity, ownership, teamwork, and safety.

All of us at the lab are committed to excellence, in our daily operations, our community interactions, and in our government and industry partnerships. And we are committed to taking our laboratory to the next level by transforming our culture, how we work, our infrastructure, and by achieving net-zero carbon emissions in our operations by 2031. The foundation for this commitment is more than seven decades of scientific achievement and accomplishments that helped drive American prosperity, make our nation more secure, and p​rotect the environment.

Achieving excellence as a team – as one INL – requires us to enable individual success. Our policies and priorities facilitate your success at INL. We want your employment here to be challenging and rewarding. Working at a national laboratory pursuing solutions to our nation's pressing energy and security challenges provides you a unique opportunity to help make the world a better place for future generations.

This Employee Handbook​ provides answers to most of your general questions about INL's programs and procedures. It is yo​ur responsibility to read and understand its contents. If anything is unclear or requires explanation, ask your manager or a Human Resources and Diversity representative for assistance.

Welcome to our team and best wishes for personal growth, success and the satisfaction that accompanies meaningful achievements.


John Wagner

Director, Idaho National Laboratory​​