Dr. Peters Photo

On behalf of our outstanding staff, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to Idaho National Laboratory where every day, some of the nation’s finest minds conduct world-class research. You are now a part of an elite group changing the world’s future in energy production and security.

At INL we are working to discover, demonstrate and secure innovative nuclear energy solutions and other clean energy options. Our research plays a vital role in cyber and physical security of   critical infrastructure; examples include the power grid, nuclear facilities and dams. 

The Department of Energy’s 890-square-mile Idaho desert site is home to the nation’s lead laboratory for nuclear energy research, development and demonstration.

INL is steeped in energy history and is the place where nuclear-generated electricity first powered an American community. It is where 52 original nuclear reactors were designed and constructed. INL is home to the world’s premier test reactor, the Advanced Test Reactor which provides critical assessments of commercial and research nuclear reactor fuel from around the world.

INL has been asked to lead the nation in the Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) initiative. This private-public partnership provides the nuclear energy community with needed expertise and capabilities to develop and license new advanced reactors and maintain our current fleet.

INL’s talented and dedicated workforce works with industry and federal agencies to solve national challenges  associated with energy production, storage and delivery, and ensures advances in transportation, manufacturing, clean energy and water utilization. We also work with industry to protect the power grid and provide tools and techniques to help critical infrastructure recover from cyber and physical events.

INL accomplishes all this – and much, much more – while retaining a commitment to collaboration with regional, national and international leaders in academia, industry and government. And to ensure the energy workforce of the future, INL is dedicated to promoting STEM education in public schools and offering hands-on laboratory experience through internships and post-doctoral opportunities to students from around the world.

We are able to solve some of our world’s biggest energy and national security challenges with our dedicated employees, unmatched capabilities and passion for collaboration.

INL is committed to being responsive and transparent. As you learn about our INL, tour our facilities and meet our people, ask questions. Our staff is proud of the work they do and they are eager to enhance your understanding of the many vital projects undertaken daily at this important national asset. They are excited to have you as part of the INL family, your INL.

We thank you for joining INL and welcome you to our world-class team.

Mark Peters

Lab Director